Mais sobre Terry James


O espantoso James Morrison, editor do Caustic Cover Critic, veio em socorro com mais alguma informação sobre o trabalho deste Terry James:

“Your Terry James question has me a bit stumped. I love those covers you found. He’s not listed in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, which is usually pretty comprehensive, and none of his work is in the Frank Collection of SF and Fantasy Art. However, I did find that he was doing covers for the UK-based Reader’s Union, a book club who did hardback reprints of popular books, up until at least 1970.”

Aqui ficam duas das capas para a Readers Union que o James conseguiu encontrar, e uma para a editora J.M. Dent (Lillian’s Dam), todas de 1970.



The amazing James Morrison (a.k.a. the Book Wonder from Down Under), the Caustic Cover Critic himself, came to the rescue with some more information on Mr. Terry James‘ work. Here are two of the covers for Readers Union he was able to find, and one for the publisher J.M. Dent (Lillian’s Dam), all of them from 1970.


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3 responses to “Mais sobre Terry James

  1. Parabéns pelo blog, de alta qualidade !

  2. Good luck on your quest. I will definitely keep my eyes open for info about this designer (and copies of the books for myself!).

  3. Hello Will! Thank you for stopping by. I’m a regular customer of your blog, a rich source in information.
    The only thing I have on Terry James so far is that he worked in the late 60s and early 70s for the SFBC, the Readers Union (which was connected to the former) and J.M Dent. Nothing more.
    I guess this is the power of book covers: their are the last remaining vestige after books, authors and publishers are long forgotten, the blip signal that won’t stop blipping until someone notices it.

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