David Wills, os deuses e as capas de livros


Em busca de informações sobre Barney Bubbles (1942-1983), descobri há tempos um dos melhores blogues sobre a memória e a experiência de vida na imprensa underground em Londres em finais dos anos de 1960 e inícios da década seguinte. David Wills conviveu e trabalhou com Bubbles (é deles, por exemplo, o cartaz que ilustra este post, publicado no número 12 da Oz em Maio de 1968), e no seu blogue traz-nos um depoimento íntimo (quase visceral) da vida e do trabalho dele nesses anos, sem o isolar, contudo, num pedestal: ali respira-se o espírito do colectivismo anárquico que moveu essa onda underground (“Barney and I were working as communards”) e toda a vida criativa de Bubbles (ou Colin Fulcher), bem como a dos inúmeros personagens mais ou menos excêntricos que compunham essa cena e que Wills (ele também um desses personagens) retrata de forma cândida e admirável .

Num curto email seu que acabo de receber, além de um simpático “yo” (não um cockney “oi”, mas a diferença o próprio Wills poderá explicar), está esta frase lapidar sobre capas de livros, à qual dou o devido destaque.

Looking for insights on Barney Bubbles, I recently found what must certainly be one of the best blogs concerning the memory and the life experiences in the London underground press of the late 1960s and early 1970s. David Wills shared a close friendship with Bubbles (theirs is the poster that illustrates this post, published in Oz‘s issue 12 in May 1968), and in his blog he gives us an intimate (and almost visceral) account of his life and work in those years, without isolating him in a pedestal though: what we breath in there is the spirit of anarchic collectiveness that moved that underground wave (“Barney and I were working as communards”) and Bubble’s (or Colin Fulcher’s)  creative life, as well as that of the countless more or less eccentric characters who were part of that scene and whom Wills (himself one of those characters) portrays in a candid and remarkable way.

In a short email I just received from him, besides a friendly yo (not a Cockney oi, but he can certainly explain the difference), there’s this quite quotable sentence on book covers, which I leave as it’s due: in between quotes.

“It hadn’t really occurred to me how namby most book covers were, I thought they were dull because that was the way the gods made them.” David Wills

it hadn’t really occurred to me how namby most book covers were, I thought they were dull because that was the way the gods made them.


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2 responses to “David Wills, os deuses e as capas de livros

  1. Write and tell me what you like best about Mr Barney’s good works, how he has made your vision a little deeper, and tell the truth about that time in the park.

  2. Hi David! I ‘m afraid I don’t know Barney Bubbles’ work that well yet, being still as I am in the process of finding about it and letting myself be seduced by what I’m finding. That’s why I found your blog so truly interesting and insightful: it gave me some clues as to what made this very mysterious graphic designer tick (that repulsion he felt for Lissitsky – one of his graphic heroes, no less – having “worked for Stalin” sheds a light on not just a young politically naive BB but also on his whole political ethos throughout his entire life and up to very end).

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